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Since its beginnings in 1929, Precision Gage & Tool Co. has maintained a leadership role in the manufacture of high-accuracy fineness of grind gages and film applicators for the worldwide ink and paint industries. Over the years, PG&T has added to its capability with a line of specialized gaging equipment for railroads, and a wide variety of custom gages and fixtures for a broad range of industrial applications. In 1998, PG&T acquired the complete line of world-renowned Sheffield gages, including Precisionaire®, Micronaire® and related air gage tooling and accessories. In addition, PG&T has added the P-400 Metrology Interface to it’s line of air gaging products.

Gage vs. Gauge?

First off, for our purposes a gage is a measurement device. Most often the spelling g-a-g-e has been used in the USA while g-a-u-g-e is used in other countries. In 1929 Precision Gage & Tool Co. was founded in Dayton, Ohio in the USA and the decision was made for us. So through most of the documents on our site you will see the spelling gage rather than gauge.

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Why Freight Rail Embraces Global Trade

Date: 2/22/2018 In today’s interconnected world, putting “America First” means embracing global trade. The data are clear: Trade supports 40 million quality American jobs. One in four U.S. manufacturing jobs depends on exporting goods. And trade is now equivalent to roughly 27% of the nation’s GDP. American consumers have benefited with access to cheaper goods, too. Perhaps nothing exemplifies the benefits that come from trade as much as the free flow of goods between the

The NY Times: Rail a “Real-time Barometer” of Trade

Date: 4/10/2018 With the future of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) still uncertain, The New York Times highlighted the role freight rail plays in the global economy and why the industry hopes NAFTA negotiators will finalize a deal soon. “At its guts, a railroad like Union Pacific is built on people consuming stuff, industry consuming stuff, and trade flows,” Lance Fritz, Union Pacific’s CEO, told The Times. “When those are happening and growing,

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