Welcome to Precision Gage & Tool Co.

Since its beginnings in 1929, Precision Gage & Tool Co. has maintained a leadership role in the manufacture of high-accuracy fineness of grind gages and film applicators for the worldwide ink and paint industries. Over the years, PGT has added to its capability with a line of specialized gaging equipment for railroads, and a wide variety of custom gages and fixtures for a broad range of industrial applications. In 1998, PG&T acquired the complete line of world-renowned Sheffield gages, including Precisionaire®, Micronaire® and related air gage tooling and accessories. In addition, PG&T has added the P-400 Metrology Interface to it’s line of air gaging products.

Gage vs. Gauge?

First off, for our purposes a gage is a measurement device. Most often the spelling g-a-g-e has been used in the USA while g-a-u-g-e is used in other countries. In 1929 Precision Gage & Tool Co. was founded in Dayton, Ohio in the USA and the decision was made for us. So through most of the documents on our site you will see the spelling gage rather than gauge.

What’s New at PG&T…

Welcome to the new version of our website. The new website features an expanded product line available for purchasing online. Please keep in mind that this is not our entire product line. We are continuously adding new products to our online shopping cart to better serve you. Along with an expanded online shopping section, we have included a wealth of information covering everything from our various product lines (including product price lists) to a downloadable RMA Form. These are just some of the new additions we’re offering through our website and the list is growing continuously so please bookmark this page and stop back often!