Air Gage Tooling & Accessories

A complete selection of standard spindles: openjet and balljet, thru and blind type, steel, chrome and titanium nitride coated are available in sizes from .125 thru 4.000 diameters. Standard thru type, steel and chrome-plated airings range in size from .240 thru 6.010 diameters. Standard fixed "C" type airsnaps in sizes from .500 thru 4.500 are available.



Standard Masters
A full compliment of A.G.D. Standard master rings & disks, both steel and chrome, class X and XX are available along with other special masters for the calibration of standard products.

Electronic Gaging Cartridges
A full line of linear variable differential transducers (LVDT'S) features standard long, threaded, standard short, and right angle units, in various ranges and with choices of gaging tips.

P-400 Metrology Display

The new P-400 DRO is an advanced metrology display—and much more. Combined with an air/electronic converter and air gage tooling or LVDTs from Precision Gage & Tool, it’s a high-accuracy, economical gaging instrument ideal for applications requiring up to eight discrete inputs.

With intuitive visual displays, helpful audio cues and user-defined formulas, the P-400 DRO reports dynamic min/max measurements, provides SPC analysis from an integrated database and includes connectivity to PCs and other peripherals.

Get visual feedback from an easy-to-read, familiar interface with standard color cues and a choice of graphical formats, including bar diagrams, histograms and dial indicators. The P-400 instantly informs operators of pass/fail performance details for critical part dimensions. USB and RS-232 connectivity allows users to share data throughout quality and process control systems, and provides program storage capability.