Grind Gages & Physical Test Equipment

Precision Gage & Tool Co. manufactures high-accuracy Fineness of Grind Gages (sometimes referred to as Hegman Style Gages) and testing instruments for a large variety of industries. The Fineness of Grind Gages were originally developed in the early 1930’s for the paint industry by Bernard Hegman of Lowe Brothers Paint and Precision Gage & Tool Co. The two collaborating companies were located within two blocks of each other on East Third Street in Dayton Ohio.

The ASTM D1210 test method is the main ASTM method for Hegman style grind gage. It is referenced in the test procedures of many manufacturers. The paint industries success with using the grind gage to determine that solids are dispersed in a vehicle quickly was noticed by other industries.

The gages were adapted by Precision Gage & Tool Co. for use in the ink (ASTM D1316) and other coatings industries. Other industries such as the food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, nano material, adhesive, petroleum, battery and other slurry products now also use the Fineness of Grind Gages in many areas of manufacturing from QC and R&D applications to on the floor and in process testing.

Precision Gage & Tool also offers a variety of other physical test equipment items that include but are not limited to Wet Film Applicators and Cross-Cut Adhesion Test Kits. For a more extensive product listing download our Grind Gage Catalog or contact us.

Follow this link for a basic grind gage chart showing the specifications and a description of the typical application for each grind gage category.

Grind Gage Categories