Bird Style Applicators

Bird style applicators are designed for laying down consistent coatings of various wet films of a precise thicknesses. This wet film thickness is the nominal thickness of the coating when drawn down with the bird style applicator. Easy-to-clean, these single clearance Bird Style Applicators are durable enough for even the heaviest usage.  Available lengths include 1", 2", 3", 3.5", 4", 5", 6", 7", 8", 9", 10", 11", 12".

The bird style applicators are drastically different from other applicators. They are marked with 1/2 the actual path depth (gap clearance) and this is often confusing to people. The fact that bird style applicators are marked with one-half the actual path depth (gap clearance) is an idea that one-half the actual path depth (gap clearance) would be the approximate wet film thickness resulting from the draw-down. This is not the case with many products. Wet film thickness can vary drastically depending on the rheology of the product being tested and also be affected by other variables please refer to (ASTM D823) for more information on this subject.

Bird Style Applicator


Each Bird Style applicator comes with a long form certification for trace-ability at no additional cost. Bird Style applicators are machined from 440-C stainless steel and hardened ensuring a long life.

Important Reminder:
When ordering bird style applicators please specify the film width and bird style path depth which is 1/2 the actual path depth (gap clearance). An example would be that a .003” Bird Style Applicator will have an actual Depth of .006”. To purchase a .003” (3 Mils) bird style bar with a 6” film width you would order it using that description. The actual depth of the path would be .006” (6 Mils) and we would not need the actual depth information.

Custom Bird Style Applicators are also available with two or three steps in the path.