Fineness of Grind Gages

The Fineness of grind gage is an easy to use, relatively inexpensive production and quality control instrument that enables the manufacturer to check for unwanted agglomerates as well as particles that are too large. Grind gages and scrapers are consumable products and need to be refinished or replaced when they show visible damage to the gaging surface or readings become suspect. Long form certification is available at an additional cost for grind gages and scrapers but is almost always included FREE when you purchase your gage online through our website.

Since 1932 thousands of custom gages have been created by Precision Gage & Tool Co for customers in various industries. Please Contact PG&T and we will be glad to assist you in deciding if one of our standard gages may work for you or if you would be better served by using one of our custom fineness of grind gage.

On Fineness of Grind Gages, wedge plates and printing plates common scales could include Hegman, micron, mils and NPIRI. Older gages could have the P.C. scale or the N.S. scale (In 1968 PG&T changed N.S. to H for Hegman).

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Scale and Units of Measurement

Mils - The equivalent of .001 inches, the Mils Scale is the most widely used unit of measurement regarding fineness of grind gaging equipment.

Microns - For a point of reference, 25 Microns is equal to 1 Mil. The commonly used Micron is usually rounded to .00004 inches for practical purposes of measurement.

NPIRI Scale - Designed for ink gages, the NPIRI Scale was developed by the National Printing Ink Research Institute. The NPIRI scale begins at 0 (zero) and extends to 10 at the point of depth equal to .001 inches. Although somewhat arbitrary, the scale is logical in that each division is equal to one tenth of a mil or 2.5 microns.