Easy-to-use, accurate Precision Wet Film Applicators lay down a uniform thickness of film for observation and testing. Their reliability has made them a standard used in manufacturing, experimental and quality control situations. Applicators are available in a variety of styles. 2-path “U” shaped chrome plated steel models are available in 2" through 10" path widths. 2-path Bar Style hardened 440-C stainless steel applicators may be ordered in 2" through 14" path widths. 8-path film applicators in 2" through 4" path widths are made of hardened 440-C stainless steel and are in standard depths. Custom depth range 8 path applicators can be ordered at an additional cost. To order these applicators you need to specify the applicator style, film width and actual path depth and if certification is required.

Other applicators such as 1” Cube applicators and the Dow Latex Film Caster are also available. Many custom Applicators have been created by Precision Gage & Tool Co. for customers in various industries. Please Contact PG&T and we will be glad to assist you in deciding if one of our standard applicators may work for you or if you would be better served by using one of our custom applicators. Long form certification is available at an additional cost for these types of applicators.