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Railroad Gages

Precision Gage & Tool Co. is a member of the Association of American Railroads (AAR). Precision Gage & Tool Co. uses the AAR Manual of Standards and Recommended Practices (MSRP) as a base reference. Gages shown in the MSRP are listed in our catalog by gage number. Also you will find Precision Gage & Tool Co. (PG&T) gage numbers listed as an aid to help you identify your needs when ordering. For current prices and availability call PG&T Railroad Sales Department at (937) 866-9666 or fax (937) 866-9661.

Precision Gage & Tool Co. provides AAR railroad gages, including Rule 1 gages from the field manual, for in stock availability call or email PG&T.

  • For all new railroad gages sold by PG&T that require certification, Long Form Certification is provided at no additional cost
  • Rule 1 gages and AAR rail gages meet AAR specifications
  • Coupler gages including 44057, 44250-3, 47120-2 and 36527-3
  • Gage certification capabilities include tape measures, torque wrenches, torque testers, pressure gages, electronic gages, standard measuring tools and all railroad gages to meet AAR specifications

Gage certification is the foundation of a gage surveillance program. Gage surveillance is simply an orderly system of keeping records on gages and gage wear. PG&T does supply long form certification for new gages and masters. It is necessary for the gage to be assigned a dedicated I.D. number. If a number or other type of mark is not designated or requested at the time of purchase, an assigned PG&T number will be used.


Worn gages may be found out of tolerance. At that point the customer is notified, and if a gage can be corrected or repaired the customer is given the choice to purchase a new gage or have their existing gage corrected and then re-certified.

If the customer chooses not to repair their gage or their gage is deemed too costly to repair it is returned to them with an inspection report but it is not re-certified.

  • Certifies the actual measurement of all specific critical dimensions and critical characteristics for a particular gage.
  • Is dedicated to only one gage. (See certification marking).
  • Provides certification of NIST* trace-ability

The certification document prepared for these items includes the following:

  • Name and address of organization providing the certification
  • Customer name (company and or person) and company address
  • Control number, unique to the gage
  • Description of gage
  • Description of measurement and test equipment used to perform calibration Certification date
  • Certification date
  • Calibration interval (If desired by customer)
  • Identification of calibration procedure/method used
  • Assigned certification value(s) and critical characteristics when applicable
  • Certification uncertainty or reference to specification, drawing, or other document specifying tolerance limits
  • Corrections to be applied, if applicable
  • Special use limitations or certifications status, when applicable
  • Identification of person performing calibration/certification
  • Identification of person authorized to review and approve validity of certification

We will build to your print custom gage for you. We will work with your engineers to finalize and then manufacture custom rail gage designs. In addition to many other standard railroad gages, Precision Gage & Tool also provides:

  • Non-standard Gages
  • Custom Gages
  • Master Discs
  • Master Rings
  • Indicators
  • Micrometer Standards

Important Facts About Gage Hardness

Just because a gage is made of steel is no guarantee that it is hard enough to withstand the rigors common to railroad gage usage. A gage that is softer than the part it gages may fail. After multiple applications a "too soft" steel gage may become nicked, distorted and worn out. For maximum wear life, PG&T gages are made from the highest quality materials. You’ll always have a greater payback with PG&T.

Download the PG&T Railroad Gage Brochure for offline viewing.  Download