Freight Rail: The Most Environmentally Friendly Way to Move Freight Over Land

Freight Rail: The Most Environmentally Friendly Way to Move Freight Over Land

Preserving the natural environment is a responsibility railroads take seriously. Freight rail is well ahead of other modes of transportation when it comes to limiting greenhouse gas emissions, increasing fuel efficiency and reducing its carbon footprint. What helps make such a large iron horse locomotive so eco-friendly? Technology. From advanced locomotive technology to zero emission cranes, freight railroads leverage technology in all aspects of their operations to limit their impact on the environment. Thanks in

Freight Rail’s Powerful Economic Impact

Freight Rail’s Powerful Economic Impact

Whether selling and building automobiles and houses, powering businesses or enabling manufacturers to reach new customers, American industries rely on freight rail to get raw goods and products to market in the U.S. and beyond. The net impact is profound, with railroads triggering a powerful economic ripple across a myriad of U.S. industries. Railroads make consistently high investments, and the results are impressive: High-paying jobs within the industry. Additional jobs that are supported by the

Freight Rail and Global Trade

Freight Rail and Global Trade

Date: 2/22/2018 In today’s interconnected world, putting “America First” means embracing global trade. The data are clear: Trade supports 40 million quality American jobs. One in four U.S. manufacturing jobs depends on exporting goods. And trade is now equivalent to roughly 27% of the nation’s GDP. American consumers have benefited with access to cheaper goods, too. Perhaps nothing exemplifies the benefits that come from trade as much as the free flow of goods between the

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What Do Amazon & the Rail Industry Have in Common?

Q&A with Lynden Tennison, Chief Strategy Officer, Union Pacific With 26 years in the industry under his belt, Union Pacific’s Lynden Tennison has had a front row seat to the U.S. freight rail industry’s technological evolution. He served as Union Pacific’s Chief Information Officer for 13 years and most recently was promoted to Chief Strategy Officer. “It’s like night and day,” he says. “Back then it was traditional big iron mainframes. Today, we look a whole

Railroad Track to Nowhere

Freight Rail’s Private Investments

Freight Rail’s Private Investments: Billions of Dollars Annually The U.S. freight rail network moves the raw goods and finished products that fuel the American economy, from the electricity powering businesses to the consumer goods filling shopping carts. This critical, efficient and cost-effective network is the best in the world thanks to railroads’ billions of dollars in annual investments. The U.S. Department of Transportation expects total freight demand to grow 41% from 2015 to 2040, which


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Custom Gages PG&T designs and builds to your specification special manual gages and masters which utilize all types of air and electronic gage sensors to meet a wide variety of quality control applications. PG&T can also provide special semi-automatic gages (manually loaded with automatic gaging features) and masters which utilize various gage sensors and instrumentation

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Railroad Gauges Precision Gage & Tool Co. provides AAR railroad gauges, including Rule 1 gauges from the AAR field manual, for in stock availability check our online shop here or by calling (937) 866-9666 or send us an email at AAR and Rule 1 Railroad Gages Long Form Certification is provided at no additional

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Air, Air to Electronic and Custom Gages We manufacture and supply off-the-shelf and custom air gages, air to electronic gages, fixed gages and masters for a wide variety of manufacturing, machining and QC lab applications, including the renowned Precisionaire® series of gaging instruments. Micronaire® air gages Precisionaire® air gages Attribute gages Standard masters Electronic gaging

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CNC Machining Our CNC Machines are Versatile and Adjustable Precision Gage & Tool provides CNC machining and turning processes that always deliver high quality, on-demand parts. We offer a wide variety of dependable CNC Machining solutions. Our multi-pallet CNC Machines are computer controlled. We use CAD/CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) software to generate the code which