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Custom Gages

Custom Gages PG&T designs and builds to your specification special manual gages and masters which utilize all types of air and electronic gage sensors to meet a wide variety of quality control applications. PG&T can also provide special semi-automatic gages (manually loaded with automatic gaging features) and masters which utilize various gage sensors and instrumentation

Railroad Gages

Railroad Gauges Precision Gage & Tool Co. provides AAR railroad gauges, including Rule 1 gauges from the AAR field manual, for in stock availability check our online shop here or by calling (937) 866-9666 or send us an email at AAR and Rule 1 Railroad Gages Long Form Certification is provided at no additional

Air to Electronic and Sheffield Gages

Air, Air to Electronic and Custom Gages We manufacture and supply off-the-shelf and custom air gages, air to electronic gages, fixed gages and masters for a wide variety of manufacturing, machining and QC lab applications, including the renowned Precisionaire® series of gaging instruments. Micronaire® air gages Precisionaire® air gages Attribute gages Standard masters Electronic gaging

CNC Machining

CNC Machining Our CNC Machines are Versatile and Adjustable Precision Gage & Tool provides CNC machining and turning processes that always deliver high quality, on-demand parts. We offer a wide variety of dependable CNC Machining solutions. Our multi-pallet CNC Machines are computer controlled. We use CAD/CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) software to generate the code which

Grind Gages

  Grind Gages & Physical Test Equipment Precision Gage & Tool Co. manufactures high-accuracy Fineness of Grind Gages (sometimes referred to as Hegman Style Gages) and testing instruments for a large variety of industries. The Fineness of Grind Gages were originally developed in the early 1930’s for the paint industry by Bernard Hegman of Lowe

Products and Services

Products and Services Our products and services include a wide selection of AAR Rule 1 railroad gages, top quality fineness of grind gages, rare and hard to find air to electronic gages and of course the finest custom gages available. We are continuously expanding our lines of products and our services to meet our customer

Freight Rail and Economic Regulation Header

Freight Rail & Economic Regulation

Freight Rail Policy Stance: Freight railroads support a continuation of existing balanced regulatory policies. Why This Matters: The current regulatory framework protects rail customers against unreasonable railroad actions while allowing railroads to earn enough to make massive investments into their private 140,000-mile network. These investments ensure freight rail remains America’s critical connector. America’s freight railroads demonstrate that market-based solutions can help build a successful industry that drives economic prosperity from coast-to-coast. A broad and bipartisan

Environmental Benefits of Moving Freight by Rail Header

Environmental Benefits of Moving Freight by Rail

Environmental Benefits of Moving Freight by Rail Railroads are the most environmentally sound way to move freight over land. On average, trains are four times more fuel efficient than trucks. They also reduce highway gridlock, lower greenhouse gas emissions, and reduce emissions of particulate matter and nitrogen oxides. Through the use of greener technologies and more efficient operating practices, our nation’s privately owned freight railroads are committed to even greater environmental excellence in the years