Product Catalogs, Manuals & Brochures

Name File Type Size (kb)  
  Grind Gage Price List PDF 259.0 KB Download
  Modular Precisionaire Column Manual PDF 1.2 MB Download
  Railroad Gaging Brochure PDF 1.7 MB Download
  Precisionaire® Gaging Brochure PDF 2.6 MB Download
  P-400 Metrology Interface Manual PDF 172.3 KB Download
  Grind Gage Catalog PDF 449.8 KB Download
  Cross Cut Kit Manual PDF 549.9 KB Download
  Radial Play Bearing Gage PDF 1.1 MB Download
  PG&T Quality Manual 2021 PDF 447.3 KB Download

Customer Forms

If you would like to submit either a Request For Quote Form or an RMA Request Form, download and fill out the form below and then send it as an attachment to one of the following recipients:

  • For railroad industry and related products and requests, attach and send the form via Email to:
  • For Air/Electronic Gages and/or products from our Sheffield product line and related requests, attach and send the form via Email to:
  • For Grind Gage Products and related accessories, attach and send the form via Email to:
  • If your request form includes products and/or related accessories from more than one of the above categories, please attach and send the form via Email to:
Name File Type Size (kb)  
  Request For Quote Form PDF 871.7 KB Download
  RMA Request Form PDF 867.3 KB Download

PG&T Information

Employment Applications and FCRA Disclosure forms should completed and sent as an Email attachment to

Name File Type Size (kb)  
  PG&T Warranty Statement PDF 97.5 KB Download
  Employment Application PDF 345.4 KB Download
  FCRA Disclosure PDF 114.3 KB Download

Awards & Certificates

Name File Type Size (kb)  
  WBENC Award Certificate PDF 1.4 MB Download
  ISO 9001:2015 PDF 89.7 KB Download
  WOSB Certificate PDF 399.1 KB Download