Some downloads may be marked with a “locked” icon. This means that the file is protected and therefor requires a password to access the download link. Please email to request a password for a particular locked file. Download Adobe Reader if you need a free PDF reader to access any of our downloads below.

Product Catalogs, Manuals & Brochures

NameFile TypeSize (kb) 
Grind Gage Price ListPDF243.3 KBDownload
Modular Precisionaire Column ManualPDF1.2 MBDownload
Railroad Gaging BrochurePDF1.7 MBDownload
Precisionaire® Gaging BrochurePDF2.6 MBDownload
P-400 Metrology Interface ManualPDF172.3 KBDownload
Grind Gage CatalogPDF449.8 KBDownload
Cross Cut Kit ManualPDF549.9 KBDownload

Customer Forms

If you would like to submit either a Request For Quote Form or an RMA Request Form, download and fill out the form below and then send it as an attachment to one of the following recipients:

  • For railroad industry and related products and requests, attach and send the form via Email to:
  • For Air/Electronic Gages and/or products from our Sheffield product line and related requests, attach and send the form via Email to:
  • For Grind Gage Products and related accessories, attach and send the form via Email to:
  • If your request form includes products and/or related accessories from more than one of the above categories, please attach and send the form via Email to:
NameFile TypeSize (kb) 
Request For Quote FormPDF871.7 KBDownload
RMA Request FormPDF867.3 KBDownload

PG&T Information

Employment Applications and FCRA Disclosure forms should completed and sent as an Email attachment to

NameFile TypeSize (kb) 
PG&T Warranty StatementPDF97.5 KBDownload
Employment ApplicationPDF345.4 KBDownload
FCRA DisclosurePDF114.3 KBDownload

Awards & Certificates

NameFile TypeSize (kb) 
WBENC Award CertificatePDF306.6 KBDownload
ISO 9001:2015PDF75.1 KBDownload
WOSB CertificatePDF367.0 KBDownload