Our History

1929 – Founded and Incorporated

Precision Gage & Tool was founded and Incorporated by James Jacklin. Housed in the Gebhart Building which originally was an old grain mill built in the 1840’s on the banks of the Erie Canal.

1930 – Bernard Hegman


Worked closely with Bernard Hegman of Lowe Brothers Paint to develop what is now known as the Hegman Gage, this is sometimes used synonymously with today’s fineness of grind gages. Originally this scale was marked with an “N.S.

1932 – Grind Gage Manufacturing


Increased our focus on the manufacturing of grind gages and scrapers for checking grind and dispersion in paint.

1946 – Adco Scraper

Adco scraper was developed and became the most widely used scraper with fineness of grind gages.

1947 – NPIRI Grind Gage

New fineness of grind gage for ink came into use and the NPIRI (National Printing Ink Research Institute) scale became the ink industry standard.

1958 – Victor O. Waltz Purchases PG&T

Company purchased from James Jacklin by Victor O. Waltz, at which time Precision Gage & Tool started manufacturing more complex and custom gaging.

1960 – Victor R. & Gwendolyn J. Waltz Join PG&T

Victor O. Waltz’s son Victor R. Waltz and his wife Gwendolyn J. Waltz joined the the staff at Precision Gage & Tool Co.

1966 – Victor O. & Victor R. Waltz Became Partners

Victor O. Waltz and his son Victor R. Waltz became business partners at Precision Gage & Tool Co.

1967 – PG&T Moves

Precision Gage & Tool moves from its original home at 320 East Third Street Dayton, Ohio to their second building at 28 Volkenand Avenue also in Dayton, Ohio.

1968 – “N.S.” Notation Updated

N.S. was changed by Victor R. Waltz to H to signify the Hegman Scale on grind gages.

1970 – PG&T Adds Railroad Gaging Product Line

Added railroad gaging product line. Precision Gage & Tool became a major manufacturer of railroad gaging in the United States. Precision Gage & Tool does the certification for many large manufacturers and railroads.

1987 – Vicki Waltz Joins PG&T

Vicki Waltz, now President of Precision Gage & Tool (daughter of Victor R. and Gwendolyn J. Waltz) joined the firm.

1993 – PG&T Moves

Precision Gage & Tool makes it’s last move to date by moving 375 Gargrave Road in West Carrollton, Ohio where it resides to this day.

1997 – Victor R. Waltz Passes Away

Victor R. Waltz passed away.

1998 – PG&T Purchases Sheffield Product Line

Custom gaging line of Sheffield gages was purchased and immediately added to the Precision Gage & Tool line of gages.

2002 – PG&T Earns ISO Registration

Earned ISO 9001:2000 registration.

2010 – PG&T Joins Project Peanut Butter

Precision Gage & Tool began working with Project Peanut Butter and Partners in Food Solutions who are both nonprofit groups that target global starvation primarily in Africa.

2011 – PG&T Honored

Precision Gage & Tool received the Workforce Services Partners Award from the Montgomery County Commissioners for our participation in the On The Job Training Program.

2012 – Recipient of Goering Center Award

Precision Gage & Tool was the recipient of the Goering Center Private Business Award (for companies in business 50+ years). Vicki Waltz (President) becomes majority shareholder of Precision Gage & Tool.