Products and Services

Our products and services include a wide selection of AAR Rule 1 railroad gages, top quality fineness of grind gages, rare and hard to find air to electronic gages and of course the finest custom gages available. We are continuously expanding our lines of products and our services to meet our customer needs.  If you have any questions regarding any of our products or services, please feel free to contact us.  You can contact us using our online contact form, direct email or by phone at (937)866-9666.

To repeatedly create something of a specific size or level of quality requires precise processes that can be standardized.  The correct tools and measurement equipment are necessary to accurately and responsibly maintain specific product qualities such as dimensions, porosity, smoothness, taper and flatness among others. Such tools include a variety or custom tools, attribute and fixed gages, straight air, air to electronic, direct electronic gages and fixtures as well as various standard tools and gages.

Precision Gage & Tool Co. has a wide variety of standard gages. We work closely with top design firms for complex, custom gage design. We can build to customer prints and regularly consult with customer engineers.

Railroad GagesGrind GagesCNC MachiningAir GagesCustom Gages

Railroad Gages

AAR railroad gages, including all Rule 1 gages from the field manual, in inventory for quick delivery. Plus Custom gages, special gages and gage certification.

Grind Gages

High-accuracy grind gages and testing instruments for various industries including ink, paint, coatings, food, cosmetic and other processing, QC and R&D applications.

CNC Machining

The term “CNC” stands for “Computer Numerical Control”. CNC Machining is a subtractive manufacturing method that uses cutting tools to remove material.

Air Gages

PG&T manufactures air gages, fixed gages and masters for manufacturing, machining and QC lab applications, including the Precisionaire® series of instruments.

Custom Gages

We produce the highest quality custom gages and testing instruments designed specifically for your special applications when an “off-the-shelf” gage just won’t do.

Railroad GagesGrind GagesCNC MachiningAir GagesCustom Gages