Fineness of Grind Gauges & Adhesion Test Kits

The ASTM D1210 test method is the main ASTM metmhod for Hegman grind gauge. It is referenced in the test procedures of many manufacturers. The paint industries success with using the grind gauge to determine that solids are dispersed in a vehicle quickly was noticed by other industries.

Fineness of Grind Gauges

The Fineness of grind gauge is an easy to use, relatively inexpensive production and quality control instrument that enables the manufacturer to check for unwanted agglomerates as well as particles that are too large. Grind gauges and scrapers are consumable products and need to be refinished or replaced when they show visible damage to the gauging surface or readings become suspect. Long form certification is available at an additional cost for grind gauges and scrapers but is almost always included FREE when you purchase your gage online through our website.

Precision Gage & Tool Co has created thousands of custom gauges since 1932 for customers in various industries. Please Contact PG&T and we will be glad to assist you in deciding if one of our standard gauges may work for you or if you would be better served by using one of our custom fineness of grind gauge.

Hegman, micron, mils and NPIRI are common scales on Fineness of Grind Gauges, wedge plates and printing plates. P.C. scale or the N.S. scale (In 1968 PG&T changed N.S. to H for Hegman) are sometimes used on older gauges.

Gauges by Industry

Grind Gauge or Hegman Gauge

Precision Gage & Tool Co. adapted gauges for use in the ink (ASTM D1316) and other coatings industries. Other industries such as the food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, nano material, adhesive, petroleum, battery and other slurry products now also use the Fineness of Grind Gauges in many areas of manufacturing from QC and R&D applications to on the floor and in process testing.

Precision Gage & Tool also offers a variety of other physical test equipment items that include but are not limited to Wet Film Applicators and Cross-Cut Adhesion Test Kits. For a more extensive product listing download our Grind Gauge Catalog or contact us.

Follow this link for a basic grind gauge chart showing the specifications and a description of the typical application for each grind gauge category.

Scale and Units of Measurement

Mils – The equivalent of .001 inches, the Mils Scale is the most widely used unit of measurement regarding fineness of grind gauging equipment.

Microns – For a point of reference, 25 Microns is equal to 1 Mil. The commonly used Micron is usually rounded to .00004 inches for practical purposes of measurement.

NPIRI Scale – Designed for ink gauges, the NPIRI Scale was developed by the National Printing Ink Research Institute. The NPIRI scale begins at 0 (zero) and extends to 10 at the point of depth equal to .001 inches. Although somewhat arbitrary, the scale is logical in that each division is equal to one tenth of a mil or 2.5 microns.

Wet Film Applicators

Precision wet film applicators lay down a uniform thickness of film for observation and testing and are easy-to-use as well as very accurate . They are a standard used in manufacturing, experimental and quality control situations because of their reliability. Applicators are available in a variety of styles. 2-path “U” shaped chrome plated steel models are available in 2″ through 10″ path widths. 2-path Bar Style hardened 440-C stainless steel applicators may be ordered in 2″ through 14″ path widths. 8-path film applicators in 2″ through 4″ path widths are made of hardened 440-C stainless steel and are in standard depths. Custom depth range 8 path applicators can be ordered at an additional cost. To order these applicators you need to specify the applicator style, film width and actual path depth and if certification is required.

Other applicators such as 1” cube applicators and the Dow Latex Film Caster are also available. Many custom Applicators have been created by Precision Gage & Tool Co. for customers in various industries. Please contact us and we will be glad to assist you in deciding between a standard or custom applicator. Long form certification is available at an additional cost for these types of applicators.

Cross Cut Adhesion Test Kit (Paint Adhesion Test Kit)

The cross cut adhesion test kit by Precision Gage & Tool Company provides almost everything you need to perform adhesion and flexibility tests to meet the standards of the ASTM test method D-3359. Each kit includes a cutting blade, a blade holder/handle, a hex wrench for changing blades, an extra clamp screw, a small flaking and cleaning brush, a lighted magnifier and a roll of test tape. Each cross-cut adhesion kit comes in a finished wooden case with instructions.

Additionally, replacement accessories such as cross cut blades and 51596 test tape are also available for purchase. If you have any questions, please call 937-866-9666.

Click here for information on our cross cut paint adhesion test kit

Sag Meters

Sag Meters (ASTM D4400), Leslie Applicator Bars and NYPC Leveling Test Blade (LT1) (ASTM D2801 withdrawn) are multi notch applicators used for evaluating sag or leveling of paint or other coating. Sag Meters come standard in a High Range (14-60 mils), Medium Range (4-24 mils), Low Range (1-6 mils) and Standard Range (3-12 mils). Custom range Sag Meters and Multi Notched Wet Film Applicators are available at an additional cost.  Please Contact PG&T and we will be glad to assist you in deciding if one of our standard Sag Meters and Multi Notched Wet Film Applicators may work for you or if you would be better served by using one of our custom Sag Meters or grind gage applicators. Long form certification is available at an additional cost.

Slump Flow Test Jigs

The Sealant Slump Flow Test Jig is used to test the slump of a sealant in accordance with ASTM Test Method D2202. Both inch and SI unit scales are on the face of PG&T’s Sealant Slump Flow Test Jig. Scales on face of the PG&T Sealant Slump Flow Test Jig are in .1” (1/10) of an inch increments for a total of 4 inches and 2.5 mm increments (.098425”) for total length 100 mm (SI).

Wedge and Printing Plates

Wedge printing plates are used for quick and easy proof press testing of stocks and inks. (ASTM D6846) They are especially effective in the routine production of standard prints having controlled ink film thickness. Stock ink combinations can be tested for print quality, as well as other performance properties. Impression plates are also available. Long form certification is available at an additional cost for wedge plates and printing plates.

Vacuum Plates

Vacuum Plates hold charts in place for proper draw-down. The PG&T vacuum plate features a 304 stainless steel top, tool steel base. The 300 series stainless steel top vacuum plate gage measures 9″ x 12″. Each vacuum plate comes with a long form certification for trace-ability at no additional cost.