Custom 8 Path Applicator

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This #24 8 Path Applicator has a Stainless Steel 440-C and standard path depths ranging from 5-50 mils with 3″ path widths. Long form certification is included FREE when purchased online through our website! ($85.00 value) This item is in stock and ready to ship.  Note: Item in photo is a general representation of this item for sale and may not be an exact match depending on your specifications (path depth, finish etc.)


Easy-to-use, accurate Precision Wet Film Applicators lay down a uniform thickness of film for observation and testing. Their reliability has made them a standard in both experimental and quality control situations. This is a custom 8 Path Applicator with actual depths of 8, 9, 11, 12, 13, 14, 16, and 17 (Mils).  Comes with long form certification FREE! ($85.00 value) This item is in stock and ready to ship.Use the table below to confirm you are purchasing the correct 8 path applicator for your needs.

Actual Path
Depths (Mils)
NA4″3″8, 9, 11, 12, 13,
14, 16, 17 Mils




* Block sizes are approximate.
* Though one micron equals .00003937″, we have rounded off to .00004″ for Calibration.
Note: All gages, scrapers, applicators and wedge plates should have rust inhibitor on them when not in use.


Custom applicators are also available.  Please call (937)866-9666 or send an email to for a custom applicator quote.

** If your purchase includes certification and your need a certification interval other than once a year, please specify the interval in the “Notes” section during checkout. Also, please use this same “Notes” section at checkout if you would like to specify your own ID# to be engraved on your purchase where applicable.

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